Spring Plant Sale coming up at Creekside

Please join us on Saturday, May 14th at Creekside for our spring plant sale!
What:     Plant sale to raise funds for the Creekside Intermediate School’s Garden Program
When:      Saturday, May 14th
Where:    2615 Baker Rd., Dexter, MI
Time:     10am – 12pm
Other:     A variety of Proven Winners donated by Wackenhut Gartens will be for sale, along with some plants from the Creekside Go Green student program.

Why are Proven Winners Plants Better?
Once a PROVEN WINNERS plant makes it to your house, you’ll fall in love because Proven Winners plants are:
Easy to grow and care for
Covered with blooms
Bright and colorful
All-season bloomers
Disease free
Trialed and tested

The most wonderful night of the year!

Setting the scene

On Thursday, October 28th, Chef Alex Young – head chef & managing partner of Zingerman’s Roadhouse restaurant in Ann Arbor, came to the Kitchen Classroom at Creekside to prepare the soups for our Late Fall Soup Dinner!

We had a full house!  Served over 200 guests.  We owe many thanks to so many people who made this possible.  To name a few (first names only):  Alex, Mary, Laurel, Hyeuo, Kelly, Shirley, Cynthia, Owl Hollow, Juanita, Betsy, Joan, Gail, LouAnn, Judi, Mary, Go Green Kids, Meredith, Lisa/Ann Arbor.com, Dave/Dexter Leader.  I know I’m forgetting people!  ~ JM

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And along came fall…

School is back in full swing.  Finding time to get to the garden has been difficult for everyone, but we are hopeful!  Fundraiser dinner is coming October 28th @6pm at Creekside.  Please buy tickets and support this wonderful event.  One week prior to this dinner, we will have our first ever Plant Donation afternoon, Friday, October 22nd.  We would love to have you help add more plants to our garden.  ~JM

What we’ve all been waiting for….

Our first day in our garden EVER with Creekside students was a GRAND success!!!!!  The garden was overflowing with tomatoes that needed to be picked.  So, the first lucky class was able to help us out.  The moment was more than I ever imagined.  I loved every minute of it.  The kids were enthusiastic, loved picking tomatoes, tossing away the rotten ones, and talking about their own memories of gardening with their families.  Who would’ve thought that I would be out in a garden picking tomatoes with students?  Certainly not my mom!  My day, week, & past year, have been cemeted in my personal history.  ~ JM

A bit of rain, but a lot of produce!

Today’s harvest produced these lovely tomatoes and basil.  We currently have 17 pumpkins turning from green to pale orange.  A bit of rain has helped and we’re spending time prepping the kitchen classroom now!  ~ JM

Morning meeting

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We three met again this morning to review information from The Edible Schoolyard Academy I attended in July. For anyone interested in checking their website, use this link:  http://www.edibleschoolyard.org/welcome 

After our meeting, we wandered out to the land of the mighty pumpkins and tomatoes!  Amazing results!!!!  We saw at least 8 pumpkins – very green, but getting big.  The tomatoes are turning shades of orange and red… and, of course, we had to taste a few! 

Check back with us soon; we hope to have some incredible photos of the garden AND the kitchen!


Hello world!

It’s summer in the garden!  This morning, Mrs. Livingston, Mrs. Seymour, and I met briefly to review our garden plans and do some light weeding.  Hoping for a little rain so that we don’t have to use the hose.  Tomatoes are green, and the pumpkins are growing wild.  It’s a jungle out there!